A Seamless and Permanent Repair at Every Stop

Atlantic Infrared trucks are built to perform seamless, permanent repairs efficiently and with minimal waste. The trucks are equipped with an infrared chamber that heats the existing asphalt in and around the repair area to over 300 degrees. The softened base asphalt is removed and new virgin asphalt, which is kept at plant temperature in our hot box, is added. The result is a thermo-bonded, permanent repair with no cold joints.

The Atlantic Infrared restoration method is an excellent option for both rural and urban areas. With the largest infrared fleet in the United States, Atlantic easily outperforms traditional paving companies on large jobs in both price and productivity. Traditional paving companies must use multiple pieces of heavy equipment to produce the same results we can accomplish with 1 truck and 2 men.

Why Infrared?



Cost Effective

  • The repair is seamless, thermo-bonded, and permanent
  • Roads look restored, not patched
  • Call backs for failed patches are eliminated
  • 5’ x 7’ repair takes under 20 minutes to complete
  • The road can be immediately reopened to traffic
  • Competitively priced
  • Less asphalt consumption per repair
  • All unused and waste material are returned to a recycling facility