When You Want It Done Right, Call Us

An unwavering commitment to quality work and on-time delivery have positioned Atlantic Infrared as one of the top specialty paving companies in New Jersey. Over the last decade the Infrared brand has become synonymous with reliability and quality asphalt repair. When a customer wants the job done right, they call Atlantic Infrared.

It is rare to find a construction company in New Jersey that has utilized marketing and brand awareness strategies as effectively as Atlantic Infrared. Marilyn and her team have been able to grow the business continually because people can identify the Atlantic brand instantly. Be it out in the field or at an industry event, our RED stands out from the crowd in all the right ways.

Every year we send out a Valentine’s Day gift to our customers in celebration of the Atlantic Infrared incorporation date, February 14th. The gift is something our customers greatly enjoy, their replies are always full of happiness and appreciation. This yearly tradition also demonstrates how we have distinguished ourselves from the conventional paving business.