Keeping Our Roads Smooth and Our Communities Safe

Our strongest market presence is in the utilities arena. Atlantic Infrared plays a major role in the continuing advancement of infrared services within the New Jersey underground utility sector. Infrared restoration is now a widely accepted method of repair for road openings, a reality that in many ways can be attributed to the perseverance and ingenuity of the Atlantic Infrared founders.

After a utility company opens up a road to install or perform maintenance on a service line, the opening must be patched before traffic flow can safely resume. Traditional restoration leaves the road uneven and over time the patches fail and turn into potholes. When cars travel over these patches the asphalt quickly deteriorates and causes discomfort to passengers and, in many instances, serious damage to vehicles. Our infrared trucks deliver a thermo-bonded repair, blocking out water and other materials that can crack and weaken the patch.

Harsh weather conditions can leave roads in disrepair season after season. Infrared offers underground utility companies a fast, permanent, and seamless solution to the perpetual pothole dilemma. Residents and business owners greatly appreciate and take notice when an opening in their neighborhood receives the infrared treatment.


Atlantic Infrared is proud to support the Utility & Transportation Contractors Association.